Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save Bitch Magazine

One winter night, my best friend and I were playing Catch Phrase for hours with her family. Among them were aunts and cousins I haven't seen in years, and ALSO my 8th grade science teacher. As with every good family event, it took me several tries and 'oh, just a few more minutes' after I was finally found the will to leave, but I was gathering all my things and heading out the door when her mother screamed, "Ooooh Girl, WHAT are you READING?!"

It was Bitch Magazine, a nonprofit independent magazine on the feminist response to pop culture. I've been reading it for at least a year now, and I really love it. But they might have just put out their last issue if they don't raise $40,000 dollars before October. So, even though there aren't many who read this, I'd still like to do my part to help. I've donated $10, and I'm posting their link here.

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